Puget Sound Lego Train Club
About Us
About the Puget Sound Lego Train Club

What we do
We are a group of adult Lego fans who exhibit train displays using the Lego train system. We are based out of the greater Seattle / Puget Sound area.

Adults? Lego is a toy, right?
Yes, Lego is a toy. We never quite grew out of our toys. It happens to be a great hobby, and is one that we can share with our own children from an early age. Our club membership is restricted to adults because they're easier to wrangle.

Lego makes trains?
Yes, Lego has been selling various train sets since the 1960's. They offer a great line of electric train sets, complete with powered track. The sets can be hard to find at retail outlets during most of the year, but they do sell starter sets at many places around Christmas time (ie Toys R Us, Target, Fred Meyer). The full line can be found at Lego outlet stores and on line at Lego Shop at Home.

Our Heritage
The Puget Sound Lego Train Club was founded in September of 2004. We are one of two clubs that came out of the split of the Pacific Northwest Lego Train Club (PNLTC) into separate northern and southern clubs. PNLTC was one of the pioneers in the Lego Train Club community (yes, there are more of us) and had a great 7 years. We started out as 3 guys living a couple hundred miles apart who put on shows in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA and grew into a club of 30 members putting on as many as 10 shows in a year. Although we have formally accepted the separate operations of the Seattle and Portland area groups by forming two new clubs, we continue to show great layouts and to work together when we can. The southern half of the PNLTC is the Greater Portland Lego Railroaders (currently inactive).

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