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Rick Clark, joined September 2004
Specialities: Big toes
Brickshelf folder

RJ Coughlin, joined 2016

Specialties: Rolling stock, buildings

Thomas Garrison, joined September 2004
Specialities: Layout design, sidewalks, imposing standards
Brickshelf folder

Lee Golden, joined 2022

Specialties: Rolling Stock, buildings

Brandon Heck, joined 2023

Specialties: Rolling Stock, vehicles

David Hensley, joined 2015

Specialties: Cascades, vehicles, a lending hand

Wayne Hussey, joined 2011

Specialties: buildings, winter theme

Brian & Nettie Kelley, joined October 2005

Terri Landers , joined 2011

Specialties: buildings, winter theme

Ryan Lascano, joined 2022

Specialties: Rolling Stock, buildings


Justin Major , joined 2013

Specialties: buildings

Dan Parker, joined September 2004
Specialities: Layouts, Planning, Town MOCs, and really, Just About Everything

Anuradha Perhson, joined 2011

Specialties: buildings

Justin Pratt , joined July 2009

Specialties: The strange and aged

Tom & Kristin Rafert, joined September 2004
Specialties: yes

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Derek Schin, joined 2018

Specialties: hills, containers, track

John & Kristi Sherman, joined 2014

Specialties: Rolling stock, maintenance yard

Steve Stelter, Joined 2018

Specialties: rolling stock, humor

Carl Uhte-Strohbehn, joined 2016

Specialties: Euro

Steven & Tammy Walker, joined October 2007

Specialties: Table design, Disney buildings, rolling stock, vehicles and minifigs

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