Puget Sound Lego Train Club
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Matthew J. Chiles, joined September 2004
Specialities: Roller coasters, Town buildings and layout, Modern rolling stock, Farms
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Rick Clark, joined September 2004
Specialities: Big toes
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Chuck Frame, joined September 2004
Specialities: Rolling stock: modern... steam... Euro... American... Starbucks... you name it!
Thomas Garrison, joined September 2004
Specialities: LEGO Ambassador, Layout design, Lots(!) of sidewalks
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Tony Hafner, joined September 2004
Specialities: Rolling stock, Small shops, Web maintenance, Not showing up for events
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Brian Kelley, joined October 2005
Gary McIntire, joined September 2004
Specialities: Mountains, Burning tire piles, Moving away
Dan Parker, joined September 2004
Specialities: Layouts, Planning, Town MOCs, and really, Just About Everything
Jeff Pelletier, joined May, 2005
Specialties: Vehicles and other Town MOCs
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Nathan Proudfoot, joined February, 2005
Tom and Kristen Rafert, joined September 2004
Specialties: yes
Jonathan W. Rasmussen, joined September 2004
Specialities: Wild West, Brainstorming, Troubleshooting, Trouble-causing, Hardy-partying

Steven and Tammy Walker, joined October 2007

Specialties: Table design, Disney buildings, rolling stock, vehicles and minifigs


Justin Pratt , joined July 2009

Specialties: The strange and aged


Anu Pearhson, joined 2011

Specialties: buildings


Wayne and Terry, joined 2011

Specialties: buildings, winter theme


David Schefcik, joined 2016

Specialties: Winter time village


David Hensley, joined 2015

Specialties: Sounder, vehicles, a lending hand


John Sherman, joined 2014

Specialties: Rolling stock, maintenance yard


RJ Coughlin, joined 2016

Specialties: Rolling stock, buildings


Carl Uhte-Strohbehn, joined 2016

Specialties: Euro


Steve Stetler, Joined 2018

Specialties: rolling stock, humor

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